Join Ruby and Rails Meetup

7 August, 2015 ( ~ 1 min read )

Every year around the world there are ruby meetup and rails meetup happenings, so why not organise Ruby/Rails Meetup here at Kathmandu. This meetup will not be just an event but also be a point of unite and interaction and sharing of knowledge and experiences between the distributed ruby developers in kathmandu valley.

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Monthly Dev Meetup July 2014

31 July, 2014 ( ~ 2 mins read )

The tech scene in Kathmandu is ever growing but it is rather lacking a sense of community. Dev Meetup aims to fill this void with a regular meetup for developers where like minded individuals can gather, get to know each other and share their ideas/views.

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We are organising 4 sessions(one session per 2 week) ruby on rails training series at Hetauta School of Management for BIM final year students from May 25, 2013. We recieved an special invitation from the college to do this training ans we are pleased to aid the college for conducting such extra curricular programs that will help students to broaded their skills and also we are happy to spread the ruby and ruby on rails wisedom to our next-generation IT professionals.

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How we build rubynepal using Octopress

6 June, 2013 ( ~ 2 mins read )

This is not another getting started with octopress guide, this is sharing of our experience and couple of hacks we did while developing rubynepal, that may be helpful to others.

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