The tech scene in Kathmandu is ever growing but it is rather lacking a sense of community. Dev Meetup aims to fill this void with a regular meetup for developers where like minded individuals can gather, get to know each other and share their ideas/views.

The meetup will be carried out monthly (last Saturday of the month) to cover web development topics like ‘ruby’, ‘rails’, ‘javascript’, ‘devops’, ‘databases’, etc.

The first successful Dev Meetup was held on July 26, 2014 at CloudFactory.

Next Dev Meetup is scheduled for August 30th, 2014 at the same venue. Sign up at to join us.

Kudos to CloudFactory for sponsoring both the events.

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If you are not sure what to expect or missed the 1st Dev Meetup, check out the pics and videos from the first one.


Ruby Meetup

Image: Ruby Meetup

Audience at Meetup

Image: Audience at Meetup

FB Event Pics and Details:

Videos And Slides:

I) 10 Ways We Can Be Better by Mark Sears - @marktsears

Slides - Mark DevMeetup Talk

II) Ansible by Bikash Kaji Basukala - @kajisaap

Slides - Kaji DevMeetup Talk

Bikash Kaji Basukala speaking about Ansible

Image: Bikash Kaji Basukala speaking about Ansible

III) Ember.js with Ember-Cli by Sachin Sagar Rai - @millisami

Slides - Millisami DevMeetup Talk

If you want to be a speaker in future meetups or wish someone would impart the knowledge or have any suggestions, then do let us know. If you want to host / sponser the event at your company then ping @zoraslapen.

Looking forward to meet you guys!

Saroj Maharjan - zoras

Organiser, Dev Meetup