We are organising 4 sessions(one session per 2 week) ruby on rails training series at Hetauta School of Management for BIM final year students from May 25, 2013. We recieved an special invitation from the college to do this training ans we are pleased to aid the college for conducting such extra curricular programs that will help students to broaded their skills and also we are happy to spread the ruby and ruby on rails wisedom to our next-generation IT professionals.

Our training structure is designed as shown below:

  • [May 25] Front-End Web Basics (HTML5/CSS3, Javascript/JQuery, AJAX, JSON)
  • [June 8] Ruby Literacy session (Ruby Installation and Ruby Basics, irb, OOP and Ruby, Modules and File Operations, Blocks )
  • [June 22] Getting started with Rails (RubyGems, Rails Installation, Rails Basics)
  • [July 6] Up with Rails ( Advance Rails, debugging, deloyment with heroku, Project)

if you are around Hetauda, You can catch us at Hetauda School Of Management.