Rails Girls Meetup Feb 2023

6 February, 2023 ( ~ 1 min read )

Hello everyone! As we all know, there is a Ruby community here in Nepal which hosts amazing meetups every month. But did you know that we also have a Rails Girls community? It is a community to encourage and empower women in Ruby in Nepal.

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Tools used to redesign rubynepal.org

15 May, 2018 ( ~ 4 mins read )

Rubynepal.org website is redesigned and this this post I am going to explain about the tools we used to redesign the rubynepal website.

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Ruby Meetup January 2016

12 January, 2016 ( ~ 3 mins read )

Happy New Year to all the Rubyists out there from RubyNepal.org. A common way to celebrate new year is by revisiting moments from your past, so I decided to conduct the first edition of the year 2016’s monthly Ruby and Rails Meetup at CloudFactory. It was nostaligic for me to go back to the place from where I learnt so much and is filled with so many good memories.

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Ruby Meetup December 20, 2015

23 December, 2015 ( ~ 2 mins read )

After months of hurdles and fuel crisis, we’re finally continuing our monthly Ruby Meetup. Around 30 ruby enthusiasts showed up for the december meetup held on 20th December 2015. I was very glad and a little nervous to host the event for the very first time. I would like to thank Saroj dai for providing me the opportunity to host the event.

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Recap: Ruby Meetup September 13

24 September, 2015 ( ~ 1 min read )

The monthly Ruby Meetup was held on the 2nd Sunday of September last week. Local ruby enthusiasts came together to quench and moreover arouse appetite for learning.

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