Hello everyone! As we all know, there is a Ruby community here in Nepal which hosts amazing meetups every month. But did you know that we also have a Rails Girls community? It is a community to encourage and empower women in Ruby in Nepal.

Checkout our last bootcamp style Ruby on Rails Workshop for Girls (* and women) here http://railsgirls.com/kathmandu.

It has been dormant for quite some time but it’s high time we REVIVE it! We know, we know! Reviving and growing a community is a LOT of work.

Let’s start easy by getting to know each other first. We have planned a small coffee meetup on 25th February to meet the awesome ladies that are actively working with Ruby, Ruby on Rails here in Nepal. Let’s meet, grab some coffee, talk about what is happening in tech and Ruby; and share our experiences.

Rails Girls Nepal Meetup Banner

Image: Rails Girls Nepal Meetup Banner

If you want to talk about anything specific, please feel free to send us your ideas. We’d love to have you as a speaker!

For more details and to RSVP, head to our meetup page at Rails Girls Nepal Meetup 2023

See you there!

P.S. Please share this blogpost or the meetup page to help us spread the news. Thank you!