After months of hurdles and fuel crisis, we’re finally continuing our monthly Ruby Meetup. Around 30 ruby enthusiasts showed up for the december meetup held on 20th December 2015. I was very glad and a little nervous to host the event for the very first time. I would like to thank Saroj dai for providing me the opportunity to host the event.

RubyNepal Meetup Banner

Image: RubyNepal Meetup Banner

First speaker was Ludwine Probst, data engineer from France. Despite having Mathematics as her academic background, she talked about how she is enjoying her career as a software developer. She also shared her experience as a developer in France. She explained her journey from France to Asian countries to know more about the woman involvement on IT world. Rather than a talk, it was an interactive session with the meetup participants.

Ludwine Probst interacting with Audience

Image: Ludwine Probst interacting with Audience

Ganesh Kunwar talking about TDD in Rails

Image: Ganesh Kunwar talking about TDD in Rails

Second speaker was Ganesh Kunwar, Sr. Ruby Developer from Jyaasa on the topic “Test Driven Development(TDD Basics)”. He briefly explained on how TDD can be practiced easily with gems like RSpec, Test/Unit, Capybara with some code samples. He shared his experience on TDD workflow on codebase. He shed some light on TDD (Test Driven Development) and DDT (Development Driven Test) approach which not only clarified the value of TDD in QC (Quality Control) but also significantly improving the overall architecture of the system design itself. You can download the slides here

A big thank you to CloudFactory for sponsoring December RubyNepal Meetup and Innovation Hub Kathmandu for the awesome venue.

We are using github issue to manage our meetup presentation. You can open issue if you want to share your experience or present on topic that intrests you.

See you at next Ruby and Rails meetup

Audience at RubyNepal Meetup

Image: Audience at RubyNepal Meetup

Susan Joshi - josisusan

Co-organiser, Ruby and Rails Meetup